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Refrigeration Plant Maintenance

We provide a variety of solutions from basic periodic plant inspection through to Blueswirls – a professional PPM programme incorporating both scheduled maintenance tasks and fully documented record keeping to satisfy statutory and business requirements.

Our infrastructure incorporates a nationwide network of 9 branch offices fully staffed with experienced management teams and a team of more than 80 mobile field engineers to support your business.

Northern India and Southern India are supported by our independent, locally based partners. This professional local support is complemented by our complete range of services.

Our team of mobile field engineers can provide you with a range of strengths and experience. We invest in continual engineer development and, as a minimum, all are in possession of:

  • CSCS Skillcard
  • ACRIB Safe Handling of Refrigerants (F-Gas & Ammonia)
  • Safety Passport - CCNSG
  • CITB Essential Electrics
  • First Aid
  • Manual Handling

Any of these local resources can be rapidly supported from any of our other locations.

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